Towing Service

Garrett's Automotive & Wrecker Service likes to be a role model for the way towing ought to be for motorists in the Shelbyville, TN area. With so many horror stories being told by customers of competing tow shops, we go out of our way to show that not all towing companies are bad. Our 25 years of experience is proof!

Customers continually tell us how re-assuring the sight of our tow truck is. We make certain our maintenance experts keep it sparkling clean, inside and out. Our company logo is on both the driver and passenger doors. Our team of experts makes certain it is operating at full capacity to be available for every customer.

Many customers love watching our highly skilled towing experts hook their vehicles up to our tow truck. Our experts can explain what is being done, if needed. Only professional-grade, industry recommended tow lines, winches, and other items are used to assure a safe towing experience. We guarantee no vehicle will be damaged throughout this process.

Many towing services are covered under auto insurance and roadside assistance programs. Let us handle all the paperwork. We know the claims world!
Consult Garrett's Automotive & Wrecker Service when in the Shelbyville, TN area to find out why not all towing is created equally. We are the best!
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Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery

Garrett's Automotive & Wrecker Service now offers Heavy duty towing and recovery along with the light and medium duty services we've provided for over two decades!